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why can't you have rebel attitude and introversion

GrayStillPlays: "you can be an introverted rebel"

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omg fellow graystillplays fan





why does having a sibling decrease your safety? does that happen because they never have a sense of trouble this way?


biju mike played this


This game is beautiful.

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Cool game, but there's something bugging me.

What's jump for, lol.

interacting with characters

no not interact jump press spacebar if your not near anythin

idk too


This is a nearly perfect game. You gain many things, and lose many things. But in the end only a few things stay. You can take this in 2 ways. Don't bother to try or- Try and hold on to what you do have. It does have some weird things sure with the sacrifices but it's still very good

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This is almost perfect. What would make it really perfect is if I could mute it.

Also, it doesn't make any sense. Why do I have to give up toys because I have a sibling? I can still have my own stuff and have a sibling, or share. And why nightmares for not having a sibling?

Why do I lose carelessness because I'm an adolescent? Teens are just are careless and ignorant of how things work as children are.

Why is it "good grades" or "fun"? Why can't it be both? That doesn't make any sense. And why does it cost me my best friend? Wouldn't my best friend want me to succeed and support me? Wouldn't I want them to succeed and support them? Why can't we both be getting good grades together?

Why do I have to be addicted to something because I have "bad grades"? That's ridiculous. I know plenty of people who didn't do well in school and they have good jobs, partners and family, etc, and don't have addictions.

I lose my grades because I have a "first love"? Nonsense.

Why do I have to choose between a nerdy passion and sports? Why can't I do both? That makes no sense. And how does that decrease my social life? But also, how does doing sports decrease my safety?

Degrees or fun? "It's either that or parties, buddy"??? That also doesn't make any sense. I can do both and so do a lot of other people. Why is it one or the other and why make it sound like if you're not getting your degree then you're some kind of loser who doesn't have fun? I choose degree and now it says I'll never get to party... Uh, that's not how it works.

I have a boring job so I'll never have my artistic career...?!?!?! That doesn't make any sense, either.

Lost parents because I never went back to visit them?? I can call them, I can write them emails and/or video chat......

Buying a house doesn't mean you can't or won't travel.

Why do I have to lose my nerdy passion? There are plenty of older people who work, have partners and families who still have their nerdy passions.

Lost hope because we're all going to die? You made it automatically happen as though it's something that happens to everyone.

I have another addiction because "nothing else sparks joy"? How could you possibly decide that? I have a decent job, make decent money, have a home and a partner. I have friends and a nerdy passion. I have and do things that are fulfilling.

You didn't add anything for old age... You make it seem like old age is empty and pointless.

This game is terrible. It doesn't give accurate choices. You set it up so that it ends the way it ends. 


The whole game is set up for the end. You'll always have the same (or most of the same) things in life no matter what happens. You lose and gain things. But in the end, only some things matter, and that's you. You get so many things but in the end, only a few things out of so many things stay. One of those things are you, your house, and a couple other things. It's hard to explain my thinking but I honestly do agree with some of the choices and sacrifices, like losing friends because of grades and etc. But there is a message, and the game is set up for the end to convey that. That's my interpretation at least.


I understand what you're saying, but your entire argument is nonsense. It's set up to reflect the dev's narrow view of their own existence and experiences, and not the many possibilities of other people's experiences. I didn't lose friends because I focused more on grades and I didn't become a drug addict/alcoholic because I also chose to have fun while also focusing on my grades.

These "choices" don't reflect real life. They're narrow and lazy.

But, again, it's a fictional game based on fictional choices and fictional consequences.

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Eventually what you see in it is entirely up to you, and I'd rather not force a view on anyone or reveal what the game really is about, but maybe it's not about you, and maybe it's not about winning or "being both" either.

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It's just a game, calm down

start of comm ent:"this game is almost perfect"end of comment: "this game is terrible"



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Best game. It makes me about to cry gg it alot :)


I gave it a go, make another game like this style 

who got here from graystillplays



me too

I already played this but came back because of him


not to offend but who the hell is that guy


a youtuber


kirby has found your sin unforgivable

yes but *kirbo will make you pay

*go to terminal montage on youtube


i got here from captainsauce i think




this game was so much fun and I love that there are a lot of  choses u can make.


A bug made the game crashed and I have no idea what to do about it: 10 freaking FPS

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all i got was an addiction and death lol


This game was great! It was silly, yet realistic, sad and also thought provoking! The choices that one could pick and then the resulting consequences of those were really fun and pretty realistic. (Gameplay below if anyone's interested!)

The game was super colourful and the little blobs that represented everything were really entertaining and super cute! The little texts that narrated everything was pretty fun too, and as things progressed, the consequences of choosing an action the player might have forgotten is shown and really goes to show how things can have long and lasting effects.

The music, I thought didn't really suit the game but that is just my opinion, it was still upbeat and didn't get too old towards the beginning and really helped amp up even the sad parts.

Last of all; the end was really great and was so different from the beginning where everything is still and takes time for the players to read. It really shows the impact of everything and can even make the player reflect on their own things! 

Overall, this was an amazing game which is really fun and has great replayability to see the multiple options of endings and consequences! 





Like this a lot. Cute characters. Did way better than in real life. :)


I didn't make very good choices and my furniture burned in a fire, maybe I should have not bought the candles.


This game was actually SUPER cool. I didn't end up noticing exactly why I was losing things while gaining things but I figured that out later. The game was honestly a little bit sad but also very truthful. I seriously enjoyed this game a lot and I've done 4 different ending so far lol. Here is my video if anyone is interesting in watching: 


a cool game. its just depressing :(  xD


Can you not make me cry and be this sad?


The kid is so cute when you get him, and the french fries as friends was kind of funny lol


Fun game I played 10 times trying to live a perfect life... its not posible

That's because it's set up to fit a narrow minded view of life.

You could not play a truly realistic life game, it would take a lifetime

Then by that logic, you can't make a truly realistic game, it would take a lifetime.




I can't have a best friend if I have good grades... I have an addiction if I don't have good grades... i SoLd My SpOuSe FoR a CaR-

Yeah, the choices are pretty ridiculous but eh, fictional game with fictional choices that have fictional consequences. lol



It was really a very well made unique game! Great work. Fun to see that at last death joined the group. Great concept!


As an immortal being, I enjoyed this opportunity to see how the other half lives.


A very interesting game!!! Love it!!!


Hi everyone! For some reason I never got any notification for all of these comments, and sort of forgot about it and never came back to check. It's extremely humbling to see that so many people played it and enjoyed it. Thank you all so, so much! I'll be back soon with some new games!


How is this not a perfect ending?!?!?! Still a good game.

I liked it very cool!!!!!!!

ik this comment is like a year old, but I got the same ending! except that i got an artistic job instead.


I died but at least I still had a mustang

life >turns into a grey p Otato

My first time i attempted to be bad. I died with a addiction, a love to french fries and freedom. But was i really free? Damn over dramatic comment of the day- I loved the game and how your choices impacted your life.

my mustang ruined my life. 10/10

I ended up with an addiction and then died. Fun.

do something next time


It gave me a good laugh in a wholesome way. 10/10


Life sucks and then you die. 10/10

 -Rick Sanchez


"Life sucks and you keep living."

- Diane Nguyen

I enjoyed the 5 minutes playing this game, some options/consequences had me widepeposad.

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