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why though,i can't download this game

You need to pay for it


idk whats up with my game, but when i try to start it up, it either only shows me the first logo screen and only black afterwards, or shows me the first stage's title screen and lets me play the childhood stage, but the screen is completely blurred except for the little box that appears when you gain something.

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I lost everything

This is beautiful.  And unsettling.


This was a great experience/game. We enjoyed it very much. The graphics and the music is beautiful. A breath of fresh air in the world of games. Thank you!!!

Loved it, thanks for making it.


No one lives a perfect life.


Don't judge my life...

Thank you for the experience! 


is there a good ending? like with your sibling a kid a partner and inner peace?

no, that's the point of the game, to show you there's no happy ending, and there is no meaning

The title says everything

A game that's not only funny but also soul destroying at the same time! 

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this game is very interesting! wonder do you have plans to add other features or! making updates to the game!

 Hi i just wanted to say that i really enjoyed this game i like the idea of multiple choices in a game that isn't to long so great job!

Omg this is great, reminded me of passage a little bit. It's weird when games make you feel things..

Love the way it was made. I don't know if it was fun but it was totally interesting.
Only thing I feel is that most of the consequences feel negative.

This game has such a phenomenal art style and brilliantly touches on all the events we experience through life, some obvious -- some absolutely not obvious. I had a lot of fun playing as to what my "real life" is and ouch, got blasted at the end. ;D Jokes aside, very happy I took the time to play. <3

What do you mean "blasted" ?

Haha, as in it made fun of me. I chose my real life answers mostly was like "you can do better". Was just a joke.


that must of hurt

Well that was depressing... great game tho!

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Fun and simple game. Part of my journey to 100 subs.. Apparently, I live a BAD life lol

dont know how to get a good ending

I don't think any ending in life is "good" :D

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fun little game!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

is there a 32 bit download?

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I want it

Cute little game. Liked seeing the different outcomes of the game. Was really fun for being short :) I'll play it again for sure.

this was a sweet time waster

Cute graphics mixed with serious subjects makes for a really interesting game

Lovely idea, it was fun, will share it to my friends =) 

Thank you for your Bowie reference ♥


I thought this game was really cool. Love games with choices. I just wish that there was more reasoning or a description for why things happen.

Anyways, unique game with cool art and originality.


you should change the music

Honestly, the game is awesome, but i would be great to have a volume controler hahaha

Great work m8!

Nice! Will def come back to make different choices the next time I can't find any direction for my own life.

What an amazing game, it's very similar to a concept idea I had in the past, but it's so well executed and polished, I am amazed, congrats!

Loved the game!
Bit short perhaps, but I suppose that is the entire point of it
Great art style!

Great game. could you add a Linux build?

Great stuff! Exactly what I would like to make as well. Next Ludum Dare I'll have to participate :) Was this a one-man team?

Yes, it's a one man team.

extremely well done,  great use of theme,  very thought provoking! Thank you for sharing your art


Videos like yours are the reason I still do game jams. Thank you so much for playing the game and sharing this!

Great game! I loved it 

Accidentally moved right again at the end, instantly skipping the resolve I think. Please give it another confirmation button :(

Yeah any input at the end will restart. I wanted to do that differently but didn't have the time. It's only 48 hours :(

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