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loved it\


i did absolutely nothing but get a mustang and i ended up with a addiction and a car

cool game though


all i wanted was a car and i lost my wife (im pan and a girl bwt)


Literally all my friends, siblings, and parents left me, so that made me bitter. But I ended with a child, partner, house, and inner peace, so at least I got a satisfying ending.

It's so sad...


This is such an insightful game. I chose to have a best friend, and they stayed with my character until old age, and I was so touched that I cried. :)

This was really interesting. I really like how every choice impacts you in some way, even unexpected ones! I played this twice, and you can watch them if you would like to. Nice job!

This was a unique and fun experience! The art is really cute and I like how everything shakes when you jump. XD The concept is interesting as well, I had to replay the game all over again to make different choices and get different outcomes. Thank you for making this, I look forward to more! :)

Beautiful game. Great job.


I sure do suck don't I. hahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahaha

Any way how your day going,mine is yes! Also dis game really fun and is yes! Play or the demons under your bed will kill you with a chain-saw!

what if i like the demons under meh bed tho?

Kinda dark, and I love it.

I love it!

Really awesome game and concept, the color changes for each stage of life added to the experience and really reflected the feel of each stage. Playing the game made me reflect on my own life! The concept of not being able to go back once you've gone forward was very creative. 

Couldn't play the game, after the loading screen the screen just went black.

Nice game! too sad to finish the level :'(

Enjoyable game to play. I loved the concept!


excellent game, gave me an existential crisis


This game just oozes creativity! I REALLY enjoyed my time with it!

Is there a good ending? Because my lives suck.

I like this game! It's very easy but also surprisingly hard at the same time, and somehow I was touched by it.

Very beautiful! Keep on the great job! =D

Really cool concept! Well done! :)

Great idea


really laggy.


Ok, I just got a spoiler for my entire life?..

No. It's the sad, sad truth of your life.

If you don't make the right choices, you may get a cosmic horror like I did. I've googled, and I still don't know what that means. But it looks not good.

Incredible game, interesting use of choice and I really enjoyed it

Jeez this gets depressing...


I like it so far, but it seems like it plays too much into stereotypes sometimes-why should good grades cost fun, or your first love cost grades?

my game is stuck at childhood text


The music was the best

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I really like your game and I made a video in spanish about it. Your work is awesome!
Me encanto su juego! Le hice este video (en español) porque se lo merece. Han logrado algo increible! Transmite muy bien lo que pasa con nuestras decisiones. 

This was incredible. Very nicely done!

great game the music was so good 


honey, ever since you realized your nightmares were the true form of cthulu i feel we have been growing distant, i think we have to break up.

I Cant Play This Cuz Google Chrome Cant Handle :(

Awesome game! Keep up the great work!

I enjoyed this game very much. Its soo simple yet intricate. Keep up the good work man.

it loads only to a black screen with music in the background nice

WOW This is a brilliant game! Each gain / loss is thought provoking in it's own way and the srtstyle combined with colour palette really pushes home the overall impact of your choices!

10 / 10

this so good game! 

you`re next work is expectation

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