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Enjoyable game to play. I loved the concept!

excellent game, gave me an existential crisis


This game just oozes creativity! I REALLY enjoyed my time with it!

Is there a good ending? Because my lives suck.

I like this game! It's very easy but also surprisingly hard at the same time, and somehow I was touched by it.

Very beautiful! Keep on the great job! =D

Really cool concept! Well done! :)

Great idea


really laggy.


Ok, I just got a spoiler for my entire life?..

No. It's the sad, sad truth of your life.

If you don't make the right choices, you may get a cosmic horror like I did. I've googled, and I still don't know what that means. But it looks not good.

Incredible game, interesting use of choice and I really enjoyed it

Jeez this gets depressing...

I like it so far, but it seems like it plays too much into stereotypes sometimes-why should good grades cost fun, or your first love cost grades?

my game is stuck at childhood text

The music was the best

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I really like your game and I made a video in spanish about it. Your work is awesome!
Me encanto su juego! Le hice este video (en español) porque se lo merece. Han logrado algo increible! Transmite muy bien lo que pasa con nuestras decisiones. 

This was incredible. Very nicely done!

great game the music was so good 


honey, ever since you realized your nightmares were the true form of cthulu i feel we have been growing distant, i think we have to break up.

I Cant Play This Cuz Google Chrome Cant Handle :(

Awesome game! Keep up the great work!

I enjoyed this game very much. Its soo simple yet intricate. Keep up the good work man.

it loads only to a black screen with music in the background nice

WOW This is a brilliant game! Each gain / loss is thought provoking in it's own way and the srtstyle combined with colour palette really pushes home the overall impact of your choices!

10 / 10

this so good game! 

you`re next work is expectation

what is that in bottle i never seen this character lol


This game made me feel like life sucks as much as I think it sucks and I fear if I replay it I'm not going to get a happy ending anyway and I'm going to further more want to kill myself IRL. Good game design. 

Are you ok? Don't kill yourself please.

Do not worry, I am way too much of a coward to do it.

I can see the replay value of this app ten fold... playing it over and over to see every possible outcome for different social personalities and behaviors... Amazing game and I'd love to see more content added to the original game. Good luck, guys!!! ^^

please put the game for android already saw several videos and loved the game

this is a great game. That's all to be said. It's great.



anyone else get cosmic horror?


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how do you get cosmic horror?

it just showed up somewhere along the line

Just make all of the choices H.P. Lovecraft did, lmao

Does anyone have pictures of all the little guys you can get to follow you? I want to draw them!

I'd also love to see some characters to draw, especially in different styles

Here you go:

Kudos to the devs for open sourcing the game


Rebel attitude, travel memories, your partner, a kid, freedom and inner peace.

Everything I wanted in life.  Don't think I could do better than that

Love this game! It is cute and adorable. Plus the music is great to just listen to. Hope to see more games from you!

I love how the style of the game is so simple and cute, but it somehow also simplifies all the possibilities and problems you can face in life. This was very enjoyable. Good job. ^^

good game but not everyone reads fast so maybe make the bubble updates last longer? i onnly am able to read the first half of an update them poof and ive no idea what the rest says

It's a good game, but it's almost impossible to quit out of the program.  The escape button didn't work for me, and I had to shut down my computer before I could right click on the icon to quit the program.  I found it frustrating and am wondering if it's reasonable for me to ask for this problem to be fixed.


How does nobody how depressing this is?! It's a good game and the art is amazing put it shows how in the end we all die and there was no meaning. Its a horrible message. A few years ago my son killed himself because of an existensial crisis, and I wouldnt want that to happen to anybody else, this game's message is certainly enough to send someone down the rabbit hole. Hopefully nobody takes it as seriously as I did.

I didn't. Sorry for your loss, but I think that because you've been through that, your mind lead you down this rabbit hole.



I'm not sure how you see that, nothing in this game seems to say that life is meaningless, unless you feel that way because you don't get to keep everything you want but that's just life, isn't it. Animals never think about this stuff, they just live.

I'm sorry if an existential crisis really was what killed your son, but not everyone will find a lack of bigger meaning in life a reason to end it.

Hope you won't find what I said rude.


I'm sorry about your son, but I doubt a game would cause people to do the same. My belief is, death is inevitable, but what matters is what you do during your life. That's what this game is about, what you do during your life. It's not about the end, it's about the journey to the end. The fact that you say the meaning is 'in the end we all die and there was no meaning' is false. Do you lose everything before the end of the game? No, you don't. You only lose some things. Please, change your view of the world to something brighter. Even if you miss your son, it doesn't mean you can use it as an excuse to not live life to the fullest. I'm sure he'd want you to live a great life.


Loved it!Great job

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