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*at age 91* welp, time to smush my face into the glowing pillar that is death.

This was super fun and adorable! I ended with a partner, a kids, travel memories, and inner peace. I am happy with my results :)


Way too laggy,but good!


I died with travel memories, a partner, a kid, freedom and inner peace.
(I was worried I would left my family if I choosed freedom!)

i died with travel memories, an expensive car, 99 problems, and inner peace.

but i don't wan a kid welp but the ending is good tho- i died.

The game is just a black screen nothing is happening


i won with 99 problems, death and an alchol addictio


such a sweet game

"You got fun. You'll never get good grades" Yep, seems about right


I have started and am trying to start, but I can't start. It just says the screen of how to move and do stuff, but no matter what I press or click, it won't start... 

move right

I can't, I can't move or do anything for that matter

ah, ok, i thought you meant you thought there was a start/select screen you were stuck at

No problem :) Thanks for trying to help :D 

I made a video of this game for french viewers! 
It was fun to play, I liked to try different options and see what I could get! 


funly boring

never have i heard a game described with such accuracy

Good job. Thank u


Really cool game that made put me on the edge of tears a few times. Love it. It desperately needs optimizing though

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This was surprisingly fun! and I played it for at least an hour each time different enough to make me keep wondering "what if" OR maybe i just think too much, being a lady gamer and all :)) What was with the cosmic horror? anyone Know? Check out my Let's play!



first death i had a rebel attitude fancy car a house and a cosmic horror 


how would one even aquire a cosmic horror


at my first death, i had

99 problems and a house


so fun


i died alone with only fries and beer

Lol my latest life sucked


If you get nightmares and good grades then you can get a cosmic horror.


i got my nightmares, i got good grades, wheres my cosmic horror?


try again i guess

i got it and it looks terrifying
then again, its "cosmic horror"


The best way to get a passion for fries is to get the following:

Good grades 

a talent for sport

a degree 

a boring job



I played the whole game not choosing anything. Just died with one thing (an alcohol addiction).


*sad death noises*


because even loneliness is a person in this game, why do you ONLY lose loneliness when you are at old age


why does the game not warn you that you lose nightmares when you get minor addiction


you dont

if you come back to the sibling after not choosing it, you might notice it does not remove the nightmares, even though it blocks you from getting them, which kind of makes sense because you are not intended to do such thing

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why can't you have rebel attitude and introversion

GrayStillPlays: "you can be an introverted rebel"

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omg fellow graystillplays fan



why does having a sibling decrease your safety? does that happen because they never have a sense of trouble this way?


biju mike played this


This game is beautiful.

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Cool game, but there's something bugging me.

What's jump for, lol.

interacting with characters

idk too


This is a nearly perfect game. You gain many things, and lose many things. But in the end only a few things stay. You can take this in 2 ways. Don't bother to try or- Try and hold on to what you do have. It does have some weird things sure with the sacrifices but it's still very good

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This is almost perfect. What would make it really perfect is if I could mute it.

Also, it doesn't make any sense. Why do I have to give up toys because I have a sibling? I can still have my own stuff and have a sibling, or share. And why nightmares for not having a sibling?

Why do I lose carelessness because I'm an adolescent? Teens are just are careless and ignorant of how things work as children are.

Why is it "good grades" or "fun"? Why can't it be both? That doesn't make any sense. And why does it cost me my best friend? Wouldn't my best friend want me to succeed and support me? Wouldn't I want them to succeed and support them? Why can't we both be getting good grades together?

Why do I have to be addicted to something because I have "bad grades"? That's ridiculous. I know plenty of people who didn't do well in school and they have good jobs, partners and family, etc, and don't have addictions.

I lose my grades because I have a "first love"? Nonsense.

Why do I have to choose between a nerdy passion and sports? Why can't I do both? That makes no sense. And how does that decrease my social life? But also, how does doing sports decrease my safety?

Degrees or fun? "It's either that or parties, buddy"??? That also doesn't make any sense. I can do both and so do a lot of other people. Why is it one or the other and why make it sound like if you're not getting your degree then you're some kind of loser who doesn't have fun? I choose degree and now it says I'll never get to party... Uh, that's not how it works.

I have a boring job so I'll never have my artistic career...?!?!?! That doesn't make any sense, either.

Lost parents because I never went back to visit them?? I can call them, I can write them emails and/or video chat......

Buying a house doesn't mean you can't or won't travel.

Why do I have to lose my nerdy passion? There are plenty of older people who work, have partners and families who still have their nerdy passions.

Lost hope because we're all going to die? You made it automatically happen as though it's something that happens to everyone.

I have another addiction because "nothing else sparks joy"? How could you possibly decide that? I have a decent job, make decent money, have a home and a partner. I have friends and a nerdy passion. I have and do things that are fulfilling.

You didn't add anything for old age... You make it seem like old age is empty and pointless.

This game is terrible. It doesn't give accurate choices. You set it up so that it ends the way it ends. 


The whole game is set up for the end. You'll always have the same (or most of the same) things in life no matter what happens. You lose and gain things. But in the end, only some things matter, and that's you. You get so many things but in the end, only a few things out of so many things stay. One of those things are you, your house, and a couple other things. It's hard to explain my thinking but I honestly do agree with some of the choices and sacrifices, like losing friends because of grades and etc. But there is a message, and the game is set up for the end to convey that. That's my interpretation at least.


I understand what you're saying, but your entire argument is nonsense. It's set up to reflect the dev's narrow view of their own existence and experiences, and not the many possibilities of other people's experiences. I didn't lose friends because I focused more on grades and I didn't become a drug addict/alcoholic because I also chose to have fun while also focusing on my grades.

These "choices" don't reflect real life. They're narrow and lazy.

But, again, it's a fictional game based on fictional choices and fictional consequences.

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Eventually what you see in it is entirely up to you, and I'd rather not force a view on anyone or reveal what the game really is about, but maybe it's not about you, and maybe it's not about winning or "being both" either.

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It's just a game, calm down



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Best game. It makes me about to cry gg it alot :)


I gave it a go, make another game like this style 

who got here from graystillplays



I already played this but came back because of him

not to offend but who the hell is that guy


a youtuber

i got here from captainsauce i think



this game was so much fun and I love that there are a lot of  choses u can make.

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