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I loved how the different shapeshifter forms had a real impact on my gaming style, and also, the music and artwork were great as hell. <3 A fun little racing game you've created there, so let me congratulate you to the 18th place in the Ludum Dare 35! :) Happily I wrote a little recommendation article about the game and also uploaded a short gameplay video of it. Looking forward to future projects of you!

Best wishes,

Best game music \o

Love your work! keep it up!

Great game, but it does have some glitches, and I would also like to make some suggestions.

First when using flying animals we should be able to use controls to control our height.

also when I fly I often go way too high and disappear from the screen.

octopi and other aquatic creatures should be able to swim in the water on the edges.

the enemies should die in lava.

and just an idea, if the enemies are in the thick smoke created by the motorcycle when twisting, they should swerve towards wherever the player was going.

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Had a ton of fun with this game! Lots of fun with awesome music :) I do agree that the music would be better if it didn't restart every time you die. Maybe I just need to get better hahaha, definitely one of my favorite games I've checked out for my series, check it out!


Fun game with really good music, but like mentioned in a comment before it would be nice if the music didn't restart everytime you play again, because you die a lot in this game and the background music is a few different pop-rock songs that you almost never get to hear from start to finish. It also had some glitches like turning invisible and getting stuck on parts of the map. I found that the game was easier to play when I didn't shapeshift at all, but that's less fun of course. One last thing is that I couldn't figure out how to quit the game without force quitting it. I'd still recommend trying it out, I really enjoyed the style and atmosphere.

I love this game. Its tons of fun. I am experiencing a glitch though, that sort of makes the game impossible to complete. Every time I turn into a rabbit, my character dissapears and starts driving round super fast and even once the shapeshift runs out I am still invisible.

So, I decided to make a video outta this game. It was pretty good! I enjoyed myself while playing it! :D

Hey, nice mobike feel. You can knock the size of the download down a large chunk by deleting the .PDB files from the main folder.

Thanks! I'll do that.

Well in all my days I never dreamed that I'd see an octopus on a motorbike. It was appropriately awesome- thanks team!

BUG ! ahahahahahhaha BEST GAME !

Nice game ! The power of the vulture is awesome and the others are so funny ! Thanks for this game! x)

It looks like a lot of fun. Well, it's necessary to play it.:)

Super fun, super smooth, super free. I love it!

Here's an entertaining look at the gameplay.

I really don't know what to say except that it's nice to be an elephant of a flying biker.

But I long for meaning... so I keep on riding, seeking answers...

I loved this! Really impressive for a Ludum Dare entry, with a great premise and a lot of polish! I wrote my full thoughts out on my curation blog, Quick Bites. Cheers!


I enjoyed this! Cool atmosphere, great music. I'd like for the song to just keep playing when you die, and I think some more detail in the terrain could spice things up too. Really good for a Ludum Dare game!


This game is pure awesomeness! I love it! The music is amazing too, any chance it will be released for download?

Would love to play this game, but there is no linux version :(